iPad Video Lessons Review – New iPad iOS 6 / 7 Features Covered

The New iPad Video Lessons also covers the new iOS 6 / 7 features. It covers all the models, from iPad ios 6 / 7 to the older models. The New Ipad Video Lessons system from iPad Pete has over 100 videos that will teach You from how to just switch it on to becoming an expert in using all the available features of the ipad, even the iPad ios 6 features.

Get New Ipad Video Lessons ios 6 features included - Buy it NowSo, my guess is that you are on this website because you would like to know how to master your new iPad ios 6 / 7 features or perhaps an older model maybe? It doesn’t matter which model you have though, because New Ipad Video Lessons has You covered! I bet when  you got your new Ipad ios 6, that you were quite surprised with the fact tha it had no manual with it? Yea, don’t worry, you are just 1 of 120 million plus people that felt like that!

Without New Ipad Video Lessons, the ipad ios 6 / 7 features can be over whelming!

Yep, starting up the New Ipad with all the new ios 6 / 7 features for the 1st time is seriously cool! But then, if you have not worked on an Ipad before, like a lot of people, then it is quite overwhelming, hey? my 1st question was, ok, so what now? I don’t know where to go or what to do! The first thought is, oops, perhaps I should have asked for a manual? Unfortunately, Apple believes that “ease of use” is their model to live by and that the Ipad is really simple and easy to use! I know, ridiculous hey? Anyways, after a lot of searching online, I found the New Ipad Video Lessons website. I was quite intrigued by the fact that it’s all just videos, over 100 of them!

The New Ipad Video Lessons has so many videos, it will teach the newest Ipad user to the more enhanced Ipad users a lot of cool tricks. It even covers all the ios 6 / 7 features too. You will learn simple things like Key-locking, Pass word protection of all your data and media to the more complicated stuf like Wifi setup, Email setup, Bluetooth and so on. You will learn how to install New Ipad Apps from scratch and get the most out of them. You will learn how to use the ipad apps like Facebook, Twitter etc. You will also learn how to work with your Media files like your Photos, Music and Videos!! New Ipad Video lessons has you covered, whether You are a Newbie or Almost a Pro!!

New Ipad Video Lessons will turn you into a Pro within days!

Buy New Ipad Video Lessons - Buy Now

The price of just $97.00, with a full 60 day money back guarantee, is drop in the ocean for the amount of information that you will get out of these videos! I mean, whats the point in just having an overpriced Ipad email checker, right?? That’s what you will have if you don’t know what you can really do with your new Ipad with the ios 6 features or even ios 5 or ios 4 perhaps. The ipad models doesn’t matter, Ipad Pete will guide you every step of the way to becoming a master at work with your new Ipad! To get back to the price of $97.00, I think it’s a steal, for these guys to have made all these videos and set them up for your convenience, it must have been a lot of work. And they keep on updating the videos. You can sit at home and watch the videos, rewind, forward etc. You can watch it on your home computer while you try out  the functions straight on your New Ipad! New Ipad Video Lessons is the most user-friendly video tutorial system that would ever find!

The New Ipad Video Lessons course broken down:

So, what can you expect from New Ipad Video Lessons when you order it? Here is a list of the topics, features and Bonuses that you can expect!

Course ContentsBuy New Ipad Video Lessons - Buy it Now

  • Module 1 – All About Your iPad
  • Module 2 – Web Tips and Tricks
  • Module 3 – More About Mail
  • Module 4 – Reading on Your iPad
  • Module 5 – App Fun & Productivity
  • Module 6 – Listen to Music & Podcasts
  • Module 7 – Organize Your Photos
  • Module 8 – Watch Video on Your iPad
  • Module 9 – Exploring Maps


  • iOS6 Training
  • iOS5 Training
  • iCloud Training
  • Wireless Updates, Backups & Syncing
  • Reminder’s App
  • Using Notifications
  • iPad Magazines
  • Beginner’s Bootcamp


Are you ready for the New Ipad Video Lessons?

By the end of the full iPad Video Lessons course, you’ll be using your iPad like it’s your second brain. It will all become second nature. Every day, you’ll find yourself using your iPad to accomplish what you need to get done. And when your work day is over, you can sit back and have a lot of fun with your New iPad too.

Don’t let another day go by without picking up your New iPad and learning how to really, really use it to it’s maximum benefit, specially the with the new Ipad ios 6 features!!

Buy Your Ipad Video Lessons Here:

Get New Ipad Video Lessons ios 6 features included - Buy it Now

I hope that you will quickly master your new Ipad and enjoy all of its great features and Ipad apps!!

You can find out more about the Ipad on Wikipedia

If you have any comments, please leave them below…..

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  1. christopher

    This product is very useful for all iPod users…We can use all features of iPad easily and effectively….


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